I was a freshman and didn’t have any other options. If I wanted to stay in Reno I needed to find a place to live because I was kicked out of the dorms.

I ended up moving in with a girl who lived across the hall from me. Not the best option, but it was all I had.

We lived in a basement and it was disgusting. Bugs everywhere, it looked like it hadn’t been cleaned since the house was first rented out, the toilet seat would fall off if you sat on it, the bathroom flooded. I worried my clothes would get dirtier if I washed them in the machine.

My friend and I shared a room and we lived with this girl I didn’t really know. She seemed normal, but we didn’t talk to her much because she was moving out a few weeks after we arrived.

The whole week before she was going to leave, I started noticing my stuff was disappearing, but I thought I was just going crazy.

For instance, we would use the pipes on the walls as extra hanging space and I couldn’t find this dress of mine that was left there or another day when I was trying to get ready and couldn’t find my jewelry box.

I thought they must be in a moving box I hadn’t unpacked yet.

One time we were watching Desperate Housewives and wanted to host a dinner party like them. We were making spaghetti and the roommate walks into the kitchen with earrings on that I wore to prom. I didn’t say anything because the earrings were generic, maybe she bought them too!

She leaves and I tell my friend, “I think those are my earrings.” 

Nonetheless, we were naïve and trusting, constantly saying, “Nooo, she wouldn’t steal from us!

It was time to do an inventory of our items. Her fancy straightener, her iPad, my jewelry box, a picnic basket, etc., were all missing!

We went to check her room, but it was locked. Though, we didn’t have locks on our bedroom, so why did she?

She was moving out that weekend, taking stuff over to her new place throughout the week.

Sunday morning rolls around, we choose to confront her, and she denies everything. But my roommate had previously peaked into her room when the door was unlocked and saw her iPad. We told her that we knew it was missing.

She started crying and I said, “We just want our things back.”

She gave us back two things, locks her door, and left.

I called the police, but they couldn’t really do anything.

When she came home later that same day, we confronted her again and I told her we called the police. She got scared and said we could go through her room.

My roommate found her calculator, iPad (which already had the girl’s shit logged in), calculator, and two boxes full of her jewelry. I found my entire jewelry box, my picnic basket, clothes, and a variety of other items. In the back of her closest, there was our side tables from outside! She had taken it from the front porch!

Now we’re thinking she’s nuts.

The thing is, she never admitted to us or to herself that she had actually stolen anything. It didn’t process to her that it was wrong to do.

Anyway, we got our stuff back from this house, but now we were curious about what she had taken to her new place. She told us we could go and look through everything.

Well, her boyfriend drives her around because she doesn’t have a car, so we had to drive her to the house! Most awkward car ride ever.

Once we arrived, she sat pouting on the ground while we went through every single one of the boxes. I found my purse, more earrings, my roommate found her movies. I even found random crafts that I had made.

We finally get to the point where we’ve gone through everything. I told her, “If you still have more of our stuff, whatever. It’s yours. We’re done.

By the time this was all finished, we totaled it up and she stole about $1500 worth of our things. I felt very violated, my roommate felt very violated. We didn’t know how long she had been going through our things, how long we had wrongly trusted her.

Now, I live with my roommates from church, we’ve become great friends and no one steals.

It was such a hysterical, nonsense-filled first roommate experience.

Any who, I’m thankful for faith, coffee and chocolate which are always important, mornings, -she mentions chocolate again-, my bathrobe, my space heater, flowers, my grandparent’s rocking chair, my new roommates, and soft blankets.

Cozy, happy, and caffeinated.

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